Don’t just take
Our word for it

We have reviews from our users to back up LQD® Spray’s capabilities.

Don’t just take our word for it

As someone who has seen more than their fair share of ‘racing incidents’, LQD® Spray has become an essential part of my Crash-kit this season, no more gauze and pads! Many thanks!

P.Moore, Halifax

Having had chaffing and saddle sore issues on previous cycling holidays I bought a bottle of LQD® prior to this summers trip to Italy, after 4 days it was called into action and while chaffing continued to occur it was far more manageable after application of the spray!

K.Barnes, Manchester

Took a spill while out on a club spin 2 weeks ago, bought a bottle and have to say I’m delighted with the results, seem to be healing really quickly and not having to change dressings is a Godsend!

M.Claxton, Yorkshire

I love racing my bike, but with that comes numerous crashes and road rash. I first used LQD last year on some particularly deep cuts and abrasions. I’ve never seen results like it. Within minutes it helped stop the wounds bleeding and helped with the pain. The speed at which they healed was really impressive compared to other methods. I’m a convert and always have LQD in my kit bag.

E.Grandidge Cat 2 Racer.

Already a fan, mainly because I haven’t had to spend 30 minutes patching myself up after a shower! (Skinned alive after 60Kmph crash at Belgian Pro race). Easy to apply, good coverage, I probably went over-board to begin with, as wasn’t sure how much a spray would give me, but worked it out after a couple of applications. Far more comfortable than some chunky pads and gives a greater range of movement than bandages, which was very useful when the next race was only a week away.

M.Stedman – Professional Cyclist – CanyonDHBSoreen.