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Sad news from Brancaster Pharma

Important Notice Regarding LQD® Spray from Brancaster Pharma Important Notice Regarding LQD® Spray from Brancaster Pharma. With great sadness Brancaster announces that it has given notice of termination of its involvement with the product LQD Spray. As such Brancaster will cease marketing LQD Spray in April 2020. Until then LQD Spray will continue to be available … Continued

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LQD®  Spray sponsors Canyon DHB for 2020

Endorsed by leading healthcare professionals in the UK, LQD® Spray is the new innovative, naturally sourced, wound dressing for all cyclists with skin injuries. Alex Duckworth (owner) says “LQD® Spray is today’s high-performance wound-care product.  We are so excited to be sponsoring a partner who are the best in their business. Canyon dhb demonstrate the same … Continued

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Introducing a new road rash treatment for cyclists

What is road rash? If you’ve ever come off your bike at speed, you’ve no doubt experienced road rash – the burn/skin abrasion that results from contact with the ground. Road rash – or gravel rash, as it’s sometimes called – is an accepted hazard for cyclists as at some stage you will probably come … Continued

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How to treat road rash with LQD®   Spray

Cyclists now have a new way to treat road rash LQD® Spray is a new road rash treatment spray which savvy cyclists are adding to their cycling first aid kit. LQD® Spray contains Chitosan, which is derived from Chitin – a natural compound found in the shells of Norwegian Arctic Sea shrimp. This is processed … Continued

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Common injuries every cyclist gets and how to treat them fast

Cycle injuries are an unavoidable downside if you take your bike out frequently. Whether they’re caused by accidents or are simply the by-product of cycling for long durations, cycle injuries are a very real concern for cyclists – both novice and professional. At best, they can impede your performance; at worst, they can force you to abandon your ride altogether.   Luckily, there’s now a solution which experts are … Continued