Introducing a new road rash treatment for cyclists

What is road rash?

If you’ve ever come off your bike at speed, you’ve no doubt experienced road rash – the burn/skin abrasion that results from contact with the ground.

Road rash – or gravel rash, as it’s sometimes called – is an accepted hazard for cyclists as at some stage you will probably come off your bike. The injury is caused by friction as you slide along the road or track. The top layer of the skin is removed, and often a number of layers underneath too. LQD® Spray is an innovative and unique spray-on primary dressing for the treatment of several injuries, including chronic wounds and acute injuries such as road rash. It’s great on blisters and chaffing too.

Now there’s a road rash remedy you can rely on

LQD® Spray contains chitosan, which is derived from Chitin – a natural compound found in the shells of Norwegian Arctic Sea shrimp. This is processed specifically for medicinal use to produce the ultra-pure active ingredient in LQD® Spray, Chitosan-FH02®.

Chitosan –

  • Protects the injury: LQD® Spray forms a semi-permeable membrane over the injury that conforms perfectly.
  • Stimulates haemostasis which helps with natural blood clotting.
  • Is antimicrobial which helps reduce the risk of potential infection.
  • Can help to reduce injury pain.
  • Aids self-healing: Chitosan influences all stages of injury healing.

Mode of Action

Upon application, LQD® Spray forms an active semi-permeable membrane on the surface of the injury within 2 minutes. This unique application makes LQD® Spray easy to use on injuries of different shapes and sizes, and in difficult to dress anatomical locations.

The last word in first aid for cyclists

LQD® Spray is presented in a small 7ml bottle which is light, easy to store and carry. Each bottle will deliver approximately 70 sprays. LQD® Spray is not an aerosol and is not pressurised, so it’s safe to take with you in your cycling first aid kit on your long cycle rides.